Grimm's Landscape Puzzle

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Not just a pretty landscape picture - children will create flowing landscapes, with hills and mountains, water and trees as well as houses and caves. Toddlers will stack, sort and build, and older children will use the pieces in their imaginary worlds as fences for animals, ramps for vehicles, houses, fortifications, and building amazing sculptures.

Made from lime wood and stained with water-based colours, this set comprises 14 pieces in a wooden frame.

Grimm's Landscape Puzzle - The Details


 Hand-crafted in Europe.

 Material - made from lime wood.

 Stained with natural colours.

Frame Length: 18 cm.

14 Pieces.

Age: 36+ months.



Grimm's Wooden Toys



Brand Story

Grimm's Speil Und Holz Design, Hochdorf, Germany


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The inspiration behind Grimm's is simple - to design toys with a simple and reduced design. Combined with beautiful colouring and a naturally texture service they are suited to children of all ages, and are played with over and over again.

They are headquartered in Hochdorf, Germany, and all the design work, the surface finish and treatment, assembly, quality control, packing and shipping is undertaken in-house.

Most of the products are sanded by hand, which gives them a different look and feel versus machined products.

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