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A half buckle carrier with wide woven wrap shoulder straps and a padded buckle waist. Fully reversible, you can wear either side facing out.

The Girasol WrapMysol Half Buckle is a half buckle carrier with wide woven wrap shoulder straps and a padded buckle waist. Fully reversible, you can wear either side facing out.

The WrapMysol Half Buckle Carrier is completely soft - 100% pure cotton, so it's super-soft against babies body and super-comfortable for you. With the buckle waist, it's super functional and easy to use.

The buckle belt can be removed, so you can use it as a regular meh dai carrier if you wish.

The WrapMySol Half Buckle is made from two layers of woven wrap fabric, which nestles like a second skin around your baby, providing optimal support.

It's suitable for your newborn and as they grow and grow; the body of the carrier is easily adjustable - it narrows in the width for younger babies. This is very important to promote a soft, supported position, respectful of a young baby’s physiology. 

Please note the positioning of the of the stripes may vary from the picture shown.

Girasol WrapMysol Half Buckle Oscuro - The Details


 Suitable from newborn to toddler.

 Fabric - 100% cotton.

 Carry baby on your front and back.

 Wide, flared woven wrap shoulder straps.

 Comes with an integrated, adjustable hood.

 Padded waist with belt buckle. This can be removed to make a regular meh dai carrier.

 Matching chest strap for back carrying and a super-cool and practical hip bag.

 Hand-woven and sewn by artisanal crafts-people in Guatemala under fair-trade condition.

 Care - Machine washable up to 60C, preferably in a pillowcase. Mild detergent, gentle spin, no softener, no dryer.


Girasol Mysol   The belt buckle can be removed so that the carrier can be used as a meh dai.


Dimensions: shoulder straps: Width: 32 cm, Length: 1.95 m to the short side, 2.10 m to the long side (with tapered ends) | Waist belt - about 2.30 m | Middle: Padded part about 0.80 m | Unpadded part - about 0.70 m | Back part - about 35 cm or 44 cm | Height from waist belt - about 60 cm | Bridge at least 15 cm - 50 cm max. | Headrest - max. 23 cm


Girasol Mysol


Girasol Mysol



Brand Story

Girasol, Berlin


Girasol Woven Wraps

Girasol Woven Wraps


GIRASOL is widely known for handwoven baby wraps. They are manufactured exclusively for them by a specifically developed and dedicated group of dyers, weavers and tailors in Guatemala.


The story began when, at the end of 1980, Camilla and Gerhard took off for a journey to explore the South-American continent from Mexico to Peru.


They never made it to Peru however, since the breathtaking beauty of the Guatemalan highlands, the fascination of the Caribbean coast and the curiosity for post-revolutionary Nicaragua completely blew both their budget and time frame.


Their local partners are artisans, small workshops, cooperatives and independent weavers and tailors. The principles of fair trade and sustainability are paramount for all stages of purchase, production and sale.


The end result? Absolutely stunning hand-woven wraps, ring slings, and the fantastic Mysol that we have come to know and love.