Girasol Sling Bag Candy Clouds

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A sling bag is a wonderful replacement for the traditional nappy / diaper bag for all parents. It's really spacious and there are no annoying hard straps or buckles. You can transport everything in it, everything you need for days out with a little one.

You can easily carry change things, nappies, wet wipes, water bottles and snacks.

The straps are threaded through sling rings, and so is super-adjustable.

The bag has two inside pockets: one is 26 cm wide, the other 16 cm. There is also a compartment for a bottle and a zipped compartment for important items such as your phone, keys and purse.

A zipped compartment is also incorporated.

It can be closed with a button, which is covered with the matching fabric, and a tab.

Please note that each bag is unique and the colour arrangement of the stripes may vary depending on the model.

Girasol Sling Bag Candy Clouds - The Details


Handwoven and hand-dyed baby carrier fabric made of 100% cotton, free from chemical additives.

Sling rings made of tested aluminum - guaranteed free of lead and nickel.

Width: 42 cm, Height: 32 cm, Length: 155 cm, Width: 19 cm.

Care - spot clean, machine wash cold when necessary, delicate cycle, mild detergent, air dry.

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