Didymos Jersey Doubleface Stripes Kiwi

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Finely striped Doubleface Jersey wrap featuring narrow stripes in kiwi and natural on one face whereas the other side features a plain pastel green.

DIDYMOS Jersey wrap slings are knitted from 100% organic cotton and feature double-fold, finished hems. With their optimal elasticity, these hybrid Jersey wraps are ideal to comfortably and securely support and carry very small and lightweight babies up to approx. 9 kg.

Soft and with a width of approx 52 cm, these wraps are less wide than usual wraps that makes them even easier to manipulate and keep knots flat and less bulky.

While snuggly like a stretch wrap, these hybrid Jersey wraps offer the support of a woven wrap

The Details


 Material: 100% organic cotton.

 Colour: Pastel Green, Natural.

 Wash: Up to max 60C, gentle cycle, low spin.

 Age: Newborn to approx 9kgs.

  The Jersey Wrap Sling is made in Germany.