Didymos Domino Dark Linen

Fine zigzag lines that change over to a rhomb pattern towards the ends of the wrap and then end in a beautiful row of fringes. Great to add a touch of whimsy to your wrapping styles! 70% organic cotton & 30% linen.
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Domino Dark Linen with fringes. The fringes are integrated during the weaving process and the wrap remains firm and tight and allows for secure and comfortable use while you tie it into whatever carry you like.

This wrap is size 6 in length with the fringes, and size 5 without the fringes.

Anthracite cotton blended with 30% linen make the fabric shimmer in subtle hues of silver grey. Like all yarns used by Didymos they are absolutely organic and the dyes do not contain any harmful substances. This is particularly important when during the warmer season the fabric is in direct with your skin and that of your child.

The Details

 Material: 70% organic cotton, 30% linen.

 Surface Weight: 200 g/m2.

 Colour: Anthracite.

 Wash: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed. Wash in lots of water.

 Age of child: From birth.

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