Didymos Didysling Fiocchi di Neve

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Didymos Didyslings are made from Didymos woven wrap fabrics, and they are simply wonderful. The quality is outstanding, the designs beautiful.

The fabric is solidly woven and offers enough support to securely hold a newborn but also a heavier toddler.

The first snow flakes of this winter season are falling down from the sky. Captured in the beautiful new winter wrap, their delicate beauty will not melt. Jacquard woven with fine, pure and natural-coloured wool into a background of ice-blue cotton, the pattern of dancing snowflakes is the same on either side of the fabric.

The Didysling comprises a long piece of woven wrap fabric with 2 aluminium rings sewn into one end, approx 1.8m in length.

Suitable from birth, a ring sling allows you to welcome baby in and out quickly and easily - great for those amazing newborn snuggles, and equally great for toddlers at the up-and-down stage.


Didymos Didysling Fiocchi di Neve - The Details


Suitable from newborn to toddler.

Yarn - 70% cotton, 30% wool.

Weave - Jacquard.

Weight - 250 g/m².

Colour - Light Blue, Natural.

Shoulder Style - Gathered.

Length - approx. 1.8 m.

Width - approx. 70 cm.

Care - Max. 30°C, Wool Cycle, Lowest Spin Speed, No Tumbling.

Solid aluminium rings.


Didymos Woven Wraps   A great option for breastfeeding on the go. Washing - pop a sock over the rings to protect your machine.



Didymos Didysling Kipos



Brand Story

Didymos, Ludwigsburg, Germany


Didymos Woven Wraps

Since the early 1970s, Didymos have produced baby wraps and slings in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The family business is now managed by Tina Hoffmann. At a young age, she and her siblings were one of the main factors in DIDYMOS coming into existence in the first place. The history of DIDYMOS itself is very closely associated with the personal story of the Hoffmann family.


Since then, DIDYMOS has worked tirelessly over the decades to produce high-quality slings with beautiful designs.


Today, Didymos produce woven wraps, ring slings, and carriers unparalleled in their quality, design, and ethical commitment.


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Manufacturer Didymos
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