Connecta Baby Carrier Indio Sole

Connecta Baby Carrier Indio Sole

Connecta Baby Carrier Indio Sole - a refreshingly simple answer to your babywearing needs made with the stunningly beautiful Didymos Indio Sole. This carrier is made from 100% organic fabrics.
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Made with the stunningly beautiful Indio Sole ♥

If you're looking for a simple, stylish answer to your babywearing needs, then the Connecta Baby Carrier is for you.

Here's the Connecta low-down:  It's a supportive baby carrier with a nicely shaped body and wide base - providing fab anatomical positioning for your little one.

It has an un-padded waist, so it fits snuggly to your waist or hips - super comfy for you. The shoulder straps have just enough padding to make them comfy, even when wearing a heavier baby.  Quick-release buckles make it an ideal carrier to use for mums and dads on the move! 

The crossable shoulder straps make front-carrying simple.  The super-supportive 'X' shape created on the back means no awkward reaching for hard-to-find back clips!

Simple and functional definately does not equal dull - Connecta Baby Carriers are available in a fab selection of designs from neutral self-colours to romantic florals to funky character prints.  What's your Connecta style?

Suggested age is newborn to toddler (3.5kg-16kg/7.5lbs-35lbs).

Baby Carrying with simple style.

The Connecta, has been tested to meet Technical Report CEN/TR16512:2015, BS EN 13209-2:2005. and ASTM f2236-14 & saftey tested to 24kg. ♥

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