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  1. How to Use the Integra Baby Carrier

    This week we look at Integra baby. A lovely simple lightweight buckle carrier.

    Featured is the size one (baby size) but we also have toddler and preschool options. With options to front carry, hip carry and back carry, it will last and last and let you explore!

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  2. A Wonderful Week of Meh Dais

    The Didymos Didytai



    This week it’s all about meh dai / mei tai style carriers - padded shoulder, wrap-strap shoulder, combo-style, oh and half buckles too.


    I’m not going to bore you with exact dimensions of straps and padding.  What I am going to do is show you the dimensions - this is much more meaningful in terms of use.


    I’m going to use a slightly tall and solidly built 3 year old as the ‘baby’ in the carrier.  Why?  Well, it’s relatively easy to imagine a newborn or smaller baby in a mei tai, right?!  What’s not so so easy, is to imagine a big weighty toddler in them.


    Sure, you don’t have to keep

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