You're having a baby! And while you're undoubtedly excited to welcome your new addition into the world, you're also scrambling to get your hands on the right baby products. Right now, you're looking for a baby carrier, in particular.


The question you have, however, is this: what is the best baby carrier? There are tons of great options available. So, below, we're going to review some of the top choices and help you make the ultimate decision. Let's go!


How to Choose a Baby Carrier


Baby carriers come in a range of different styles and are made out of a variety of different materials. In other words, they possess a great deal of variation. So, how do you choose the right one? By doing the following.


Make Sure It Meets Your Size Specifications


Some baby carriers are designed for infants only. Others are designed for toddlers only. Some can adjust to accommodate both infants and toddlers.


In any case, when searching for a baby carrier, you need to make sure that it meets your size specifications. The last thing you want to do is buy an infant-sized carrier for a toddler.


Decide On A Tying Type


Generally speaking, baby carriers tie in one of three ways. You need to study up on each, form a preference, and choose a carrier that aligns with that preference.


The first type of carrier is the stretchy wrap carrier. These literally wrap around the parent's body, creating a womb-like pocket for the baby. They're ideally suited for newborns, as they're generally not strong enough to hold toddlers.


Woven wraps, on the other hand, differ from stretchy wraps that they are made from woven wrap fabric and are suitable for both newborns and toddlers alike.


Meh dais fall into this category too - they tie with straps that go around your shoulders and your waist.


The next type of carrier is the ring sling. Ring slings are similar to wraps, but are different in that, instead of being tied, they're looped through rings at shoulder-level. Again, they're ideal for newborns and infants, and as they are relatively quick and easy to use, are great for toddlers too.


The last type of carrier is the buckle carrier. This carrier connects via snapping mechanisms, allowing for a strong connection at all times. This type of carrier can accommodate newborns, infants, and toddlers.


Consider Breathability


Baby carriers require you to make constant and close contact with your baby. As such, they can cause heat to build up fairly quickly.


If this is a consideration for you, when searching for baby carriers, you need to make sure they're fairly breathable. Look for carriers with mesh panels, thin fabrics, and various vented areas.


Prioritise Comfort


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a baby carrier is comfort. If your carrier isn't comfortable for you and the baby, you likely won't use it. In fact, it will probably cause more trouble than it's worth.


So, when assessing your options, keep an eye out for the features that make baby carriers comfortable. These features include cushioning, softness to the touch, ergonomics, and adjustability.


Think of Your Budget


Your budget is something you'll want to consider as well. Baby carriers can cost anything from £40 to £150 and sometimes even more. Your budget will directly affect how much you're able to spend.


You don't necessarily have to pay a premium in order to get a high-quality carrier. There are plenty of high quality budget options, so establish a price range and stick within it.


What Is The Best Baby Carrier


When it comes to the subject of the best baby carrier, there is a great deal of personal preference involved. Whereas one parent might prefer one model, another parent might prefer another. In any case, it could reasonably be said that any of the following products is the best baby carrier on the market today.


Isara The ONE


Isara The One Review


We'll begin our list with the Isara The ONE, the absolute best baby that lasts from newborn all the way to toddler. This carrier is one of the more expensive options on the market, but more than justifies its price, providing top-notch comfort, breathability, and adjustability. It's appropriate for newborns, infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike.


You can wear the Isara The ONE on both your front and your back. Equipped with seat extenders, it's designed for the child's maximum comfort.


There is padding all over this carrier. As such, it's soft to the touch for both the baby and the parent. Made out of 100% cotton, it's comfortable but breathable.


If you're looking for a high-quality carrier that will last until your child is well into preschool age, look no further than this one. It has a great argument for being one of the best baby carriers on the market.


Tula Explore Baby Carrier


Tula Explore


Next on our list is the Tula Explore Baby Carrier.


This baby carrier is big enough for babies and toddlers from 0 to 3 years of age. Capable of adjusting, it's equally comfortable for the child and the parent and allows for a world-facing or facing-out position.


This carrier can be worn on both the front and the back. Note, though, that it's most commonly worn on the former. It allows the child's legs to extend out to each side, creating a cradling effect against the parent's body.


Made out of soft cotton canvas, it is nice and soft. Padded on its shoulder straps and belt area, it applies very little pressure to the body.


This carrier is machine washable, making it easy for you to clean up those baby-related messes. Stain-resistant, it can handle any food that's thrown at it.


All in all, this is an exceptional baby carrier. Though it is a little expensive, it's well worth its price.


Coracor Baby Wrap


Coracor Baby Wrap Review


If you're looking for a wrap-style carrier, you should consider the Coracor Baby Wrap. Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, this wrap looks as great as it functions. Plus, it's very well priced.


This wrap is made out of a combination of cotton and elastane. A stretchy material, it pulls the baby in snugly, allowing for maximum comfort. At the same time, it's breathable and prevents heat from building up over time.


Machine washable, it's exceedingly easy to take care of. Stain-resistant, it can be wiped clean of any spills within a matter of seconds.


Note, though, that this wrap is only good up to 12 kgs / 26 pounds. As such, it's ideal for newborns and young babies.


If you're looking for the best baby wrap for newborns, you needn't look much further than this one right here. It has everything you need, and at a price that won't destroy your wallet.


Little Frog Baby Carrier


Next up is the Little Frog Baby Carrier, a simple but effective baby carrier that's as comfortable as baby carriers come. Though it's ideal for infants, it can be used to suit young toddlers as well.


It's made out of 100% cotton woven wrap fabric, so each design can differ. This means that no carrier is alike! Thin and breathable, it allows heat to escape whilst also feeling exceptionally soft to the touch. This allows for a soothing experience at all times.


This is a machine-washable baby carrier that connects using buckles, allowing children to be worn on either the front or the back. It also has an integrated sleep / sun hood, handy for when you're out and about with your baby.


It comes in different sizes - baby, toddler and preschool, so this will allow you to carry well until your child is preschool age.


Tula Free To Grow


Last but not least on our list is the Tula Free To Grow.


With the Tula Free-To-Grow Carrier you can comfortably carry your baby from newborn to toddlerhood (7 - 45 lbs). It has multiple ergonomic carry positions with an adaptable panel that adjusts in width and height to fit your baby at any stage, and fully adjustable shoulder straps and waistband for optimal comfort for you.


It is made from 100% soft cotton, so is exceptionally comfortable both you and baby to wear.


It comes in a great range of designs so there's something to suit your style.


What Is The Best Baby Carrier?


All of the baby carriers discussed above have something great to offer. It's hard to choose the best, as all have something to offer.

All of the baby carriers discussed above have something great to offer. However, when it comes to the best baby carrier on the market, we have to go with the Boba X Grey. Looking for other baby products? We here at Love to Be Natural can help you. We've got reviews on all sorts of products and will help you find the best ones for your baby. Check out our selection of reviews now! Looking for other baby products? We here at Love to Be Natural can help you. We've got reviews on all sorts of products and will help you find the best ones for your baby. Check out our selection of reviews now!