What To Wear When Babywearing - Spring Edition

What to wear when babywearing Spring Edition


Spring is a wonderful, beautiful time of year. The days feel longer, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener; there’s a sense of renewal and hope for the days ahead.

Then there’s the rain and wind and sometimes hailstones. Spring is the time of the four-seasons-in-one-day-thing, also known as the four-seasons-in-one-hour thing. That’s why we’ve included the Warm Weather & Cold Weather Carrying Infographics - both can apply at this time of year!

How to cope with this when babywearing - how to dress, indoors and out.


Dress baby down at home, particularly if you have heating running or it’s very warm. Your little one can be dressed in only a vest or nappy (especially if using a stretchy wrap as it’s equivalent to 3 layers of clothing); light layers made from natural fibres are best. Layering allows you to strip baby down or warm them up, and natural fibres tend to be breathable and work with the body’s temperature.

With just a few hints and tips you can stay as comfortable as possible when carrying (this list isn't exhaustive; if you have your own top tip, please do share!).

Outdoors On a Warm Spring Day


  • Drink or feed often, both of you.
  • If you can stay out of the sun, do, especially when it's at its peak.
  • Remember that the sling is like a layer of clothing, so if you're wrapping, try single-layer carries, and keep as few layers between you as possible.
  • Cover extremities - a sun hat with a wide brim, or a parasol for you both. An umbrella works as a parasol in the sun and a rain cover when it’s wet.
  • Pop a muslin cloth between you and baby to help absorb any excess sweat. You can also dampen it to help keep baby cool.
  • Babies and children can become fractious in the heat (as can we!). Watch for these cues, take a break, get out of the heat, and cool down.
  • Use sunblock where necessary and appropriate.


Warm weather babywearing.


Outdoors On a Cool Spring Day

Keep as few clothing layers between you and baby as possible. Babies regulate their temperature best when they are closest to you. The natural heat exchange between you both occurs best with fewer, lighter layers.

It's amazing how warm you both stay when carrying, especially when walking and being out and about. Baby's trunk will stay toasty warm, especially younger babies in stretchy wraps - remember to count the layers of a sling as layers of clothing!

Be aware of extremities - I know this sounds obvious, but when the weather turns icy, or when it's that chilly damp weather that clings to your bones, remember to cover up little noggins (something that covers the ears too if it's windy), hands if they're exposed, and the lower legs and feet. Think an extra pair of socks / leggings / tights / legwarmers - anything that will add warmth but that can be removed if needed.

Layer up around you both. There are lots of options, such as babywearing coats, jackets or covers which make it really easy to get out and about in cool, wet weather, but which are easily removed when you go indoors.


Cool weather babywearing.



Babywearing Tips for Spring: Light layers between you and layer-up around you both. A hat for your little one can act as a barrier against sun and wind. An umbrella can act as both a parasol and a rain-cover. Babywearing covers can keep baby dry and snug, then when the sun comes out they can be rolled away small and tucked in a bag.