Tula Explore Baby Carrier Review

Tula Explore

What Is The Tula Explore?

The Tula Explore is a multi-position, adjustable baby carrier that brings together the newborn-suitable features of the Tula Free To Grow Carrier, and the world-facing features that many parents desire, in a single, fantastic carrier.

Completely adjustable from newborn, the seat area narrows across the width and height for younger babies and adjusts with them as they grow. There is a little padding at the knee for added comfort for baby. It is an ergonomic carrier, so baby is seated in the optimal ‘M’ shaped position. Indeed, it's recognised as ‘Hip Healthy’ by the Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Tula Explore Cherry

For the wearer, the Tula Explore has a padded waistband that offers support and comfort for carrying beyond the newborn phase when baby gets that little bit heavier as they grow; this makes it just as comfortable if you're carrying a newborn or if you're babywearing with a toddler. The shoulder straps are padded and contoured so they fit snug over your shoulder and back and offer quick adjustments for multiple wearers. In fact, the Explore is designed to fit both petit wearers and tall, broad wearers.

Why Is The Tula Explore A Great Baby Carrier?

The Tula Explore is perfect for those parents who:

  • want a supportive carrier that will spread baby’s weight;
  • wish to carry their baby from the very start from newborn;
  • want a carrier that is simple to use and quick to take on and off by themselves;
  • want a choice of lots of different designs and colours.

When Can You Use The Tula Explore From?

The Tula Explore is suitable from 7 - 45 lbs (3.2 - 20.4 kg). This means it's suitable from newborn all the way to toddler.

The Tula Explore works for your newborn, your baby and your toddler, so it’s a fantastic option to go for at almost any age, even if you decide to start babywearing when your baby is a little bit older; you'll still get the use out of it.

Tula Explore Playful

Can Your Baby Forward Face In The Tula Explore?

Tula Explore Forward Facing

Yes, you can use the Tula Explore in the forward-facing position. Before beginning to use the Explore Carrier in the facing out position though, there are a few important things to remember:

  • your baby should have head and neck control;
  • their chin should clear the top of the panel when facing out;
  • the suggested weight range for the facing out position is 13 - 22 lbs (this is usually from somewhere around 4 or 5 months);
  • only face out for short intervals of time for optimal comfort;
  • watch baby for signs of sleepiness or over-stimulation;
  • lastly, baby should not sleep in the front carry, facing out position.

Can The Tula Explore Be Used To Carry Baby On Your Back?

The Tula Explore can be used to carry baby on both your front and on your back.

Back carrying is a great option for toddlers and once your baby is older and can sit completely unaided with good head control. This is really good if your toddler has been walking or running around and is tired and needs a nap. You can safely carry them on your back, tucked up out of the way, they get to have a nap, and you can get on with whatever you were doing, whether you're at the park, on a family day out, or doing household chores. But you'll still have that connection with them, and them with you.

Tula Explore Comfortable

It has an innovative body panel with an easy-to-adjust design that fits from newborn to toddler - this means it’s comfortable for your little one, whatever age they are.

It's comfortable for you too - it has padded shoulder straps that provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick adjustments for multiple wearers and a wide padded waistband that helps evenly distribute baby's weight across your shoulders, down your back and through your hips.

How Does The Tula Explore Compare To Other Carriers?

The Tula Explore is slightly heavier than the Tula Free To Grow. It has slightly more padding (to account for the forward-facing aspect), so offers extra support. The Explore offers fantastic ergonomic positioning for your baby, particularly compared to many high street brands. It's a great all round option, particularly if the forward-facing position is desired.

It's also a fantastic option for summer - check out the Coast designs which have a mesh panel to help keep both you and baby cool; happy carrying, even in the heat.

Overall, the Tula Explore is a high quality baby carrier that will not only last from newborn to toddler, but will also give you the option of forward-facing carrying.

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