The Best Lightweight Baby Carriers and Slings For 2020


So summer is finally here! Summer is fun, I love summer; although having said that, anything over 20C I find a bit melty. And that's even before I start babywearing! But there's nothing better than being out in the sunshine with your wee one in a sling, chatting away and having fun together, pointing out the sights and sounds.

It goes without saying that it can take a little bit of extra thought and effort when babywearing in summer, and choosing the right baby carrier can make all the difference.

Baby carriers that work well in summer and / or warmer weather generally speaking fall into 2 categories:

  • those that are lighter / less structured, and therefore naturally cooler in themselves, and;
  • those that have been specifically designed for babywearing in warmer weather (using a mesh fabric for the main panel, for example).

Now, just because a baby carrier has been designed for use in warmer weather doesn't mean that its still a not good carrier for your baby (in the sense of respecting their physiology). Baby's back should still be soft yet supported; not stiff, not rigid. Their legs should be supported all the way along the thigh, to the knee pit. Their bottom should sit lower than their knees. Traditionally, this is called the ‘spread squat position’ or ‘M’ position. It is often defined now as the ‘hip healthy position’. Their head should be free and clear and unobstructed.

Baby carriers - both structured and unstructured - are versatile and relatively easy to learn. The basic design is a front panel, where the baby will be ‘seated’, a waist strap and two shoulder straps, all of which are adjustable to achieve a comfortable fit for both you and baby. The key to choosing one that is good for babywearing in summer is to find one that has naturally less fabric in itself, or made from lightweight fabric, or one that has been specifically designed for use in summer, such as with a mesh or roll away panel.


Lighter & Less Structured Carriers


Lighter Carriers work well in warm weather as they weigh less, so it’s less bulk for you to carry, and a lack of padding, or lighter padding means less foam and structure, which usually equals more breathable fabrics.


Integra Baby Carrier


The Integra Baby Carrier - Babywearing In Summer


The Integra Baby Carrier is a great example of this. The Integra is a very simply designed and lightweight yet supportive baby carrier with a softly shaped body and wide base - providing superb anatomical positioning for your little one.

It has an un-padded waist, so has a very light form-factor and is therefore cool to wear. The shoulder straps have just enough padding to make them comfy, yet not too much to be burdensome.

The crossable shoulder straps make front-carrying simple and supportive. This 'X' shape created on the back means no awkward reaching around for hard-to-find back clips!


Little Frog Baby Carrier


Little Frog Baby Carrier Is Great For Summer Babywearing


The Little Frog Baby Carrier is padded in the waist and shoulders, but it’s made from woven wrap fabric, so it’s soft, lightweight and super-breathable.

Each carrier is a wrap conversion carrier made from Little Frog woven wraps, both beautiful and soft. The soft contoured panel ensures your baby is carried in their natural ergonomic position with their knees slightly higher than their bottom. The width- and height-adjustable panel means the carrier can continue to support your child knee-to-knee as they grow. The integrated hood with extending panel provides head support and protection from the sun.


Marsupi Breeze


The Marsupi Breeze Is An Ultra-Light Carrier


The Marsupi Breeze is an ultra-lightweight and breathable baby carrier and is the absolute ideal newborn / younger baby carrier for summer. It's refreshingly simple and we love it - it's simplistic design truly makes comfortable baby carrying super-accessible to everyone.

The Breeze version is made from cotton and linen and only weighs 200g. It's an amazing carrier for travelling and for using in warmer weather.

One of the best things about it is its secure, stable velcro closure system at the waist - this makes carrying quick and accessible to all. Coupled with the 2 shoulder straps which cross on the back (to create an 'X' shape) and close at the front, it's quick and easy to do - great for babywearing in the summer when its warm and you're out and about with lots of other baby paraphernalia.


Baby Carriers Specially Designed For Warmer Weather


JPMBB Physio Carrier


Love Radius (JPMBB) PhysioCarrier


The Love Radius Physiocarrier is a buckle carrier that has a front panel which can be unzipped and rolled away to reveal a very, very lightweight and breathable panel which is an outstanding option in warm weather. The opening at the back allows you to ventilate baby and to adapt to any season. The transparency of the mesh allows to see the position of baby inside, anytime. It also has a mesh head support, which holds baby's head whilst allowing ventilation and visibility.

The booster pack allows you to use the Physiocarrier from birth with a newborn. It also allows you to elevate baby when back carrying, giving you a higher centre of gravity for safety and comfort.


Tula Coast Carriers are great for babywearing in the summer


Tula Baby Carriers


Tula Baby Carriers are fab! We've worked with Tula right from when they started, and have loved the carriers, the company and their ethos ever since.

The 'Coast' carriers feature a mesh body panel to help keep you cool on even the warmest days. The ‘Coast’ design can be found in the whole Tula Buckle Carrier range including the Baby Carriers, Toddler Carriers, Free To Grow and Explore.