Babywearing Carrying Your Baby


Stretchy wraps can be very useful in those first days, weeks and months of life with a newborn, the main reason being you can tie it on, and leave it on, for as long as you want or need.

Wrap it, tie it, and you can pop baby in and take baby out, without retying or readjusting. In that initial period after your baby is born (known as the 4th trimester), this can be wonderful - you know where the sling is, you know it's on and you know that baby is close, secure and connected whilst snuggled in there.

Adjusting as a family and adapting to the changes that a newborn baby presents can be challenging. A stretchy wrap (or indeed any sling really) can make this transition simpler - babies are calmed when they're next to you, they hear your heartbeat, smell you, feel you; after all, it's where they're supposed to be. And it's the same for you - you feel them, hear them, smell them. Our bodies understand, and they produce oxytocin. This has positive effects on baby and mother (all 3 aspects - your mental health, emotional and physical well-being). It simply makes sense.


Babywearing Carrying Your Baby


Every time you touch your baby, hold your baby, you’re bonding with them. It is a well established fact that close contact and touch are vital for our babies and in carrying them you are forming the secure attachments that they will carry with them as they grow.


Babywearing Carrying Your Baby


 Carrying your baby helps develop a deep, secure mutual attachment.

 It allows both parents, or indeed any caregiver, to develop a deep bond with baby.

 It increases parental sensitivity to a baby's needs - you learn to interpret their noises and expressions so much quicker.

 It simulates the sensations of pressure, motion, warmth and security of the womb.

 Carrying your baby in a sling reduces their level of stress.

 It can greatly reduce crying and fussiness, and also helps your tired baby fall asleep.


Much love and happy baby carrying!

Beth Beaney