Ring sling shoulder styles


Woven wrap ring slings (which most are) come in a variety of colours, designs, lengths, weaves and blends. One of the biggest differences between them though, is the shoulder style. There are 2 main styles - gathered and pleated.


Gathered Shoulder

With gathered ring slings, the rings are sewn in, with stitching running in a straight line from one side of the width, to the other. This can be spread over your shoulder or sandwiched up onto your shoulder.


Ring sling shoulder styles - gathered


Pleated Shoulder

Pleated shoulders vary a a little in the style of pleat, but all are folded in a way which generally narrows the shoulder width so it sits neatly over the shoulder.


Shoulder styles - pleated


In general, gathered shoulder ring slings are more popular, in part, because they are generally more widely available.


Most brands produce one shoulder style in their ring slings. The photo at the top shows ring slings from Neobulle, the design is Pearl Rose. Neobulle produce ring slings in both pleated and gathered styles.


If you have any questions about shoulder styles, or ring slings in general, just ask!


Much love and happy carrying!

Beth Beaney