Nobulle Jersey Ring Sling


There have been a few changes recently on the website - lots of new additions. It always keeps me on my toes - choosing what to bring in, what to not. It means a lot of trying on, using, testing, humming and hawing. You know, as you do.


So when Neobulle sent their new Jersey Ring Sling, I was straight on it. Having tried it with our 3 year old (who turned out to be just a bit too heavy), we then sent a few to be tried by friends and fellow consultants (who are usually both!). It’s being tried out right now, and I’ll be back with their thoughts and photos very soon.


It's so soft and lovely to use - here's why:


 It's made from a dense jersey-like knitted fabric, 300 g/m2.

 Organic cotton (GOTS certified).

 Gathered shoulder.

 Available in 3 colours - Blue, Green, and Ecru (undyed).

 Made in France.


Nobulle Jersey Ring Sling Blue


There’s no elastane or added stretch, which means the jersey has a beautiful cocoon-like snugness to it. Being a jersey fabric, it’s exceptionally soft right from the beginning - so there's no breaking in or need to soften.


The jersey is organic cotton, which contributes further its softness. It also comes in a beautiful shade of cream, which is actually a glorious undyed cotton yarn - so it hasn’t been treated with any dyes or bleaching agents at all. An absolutely superb option for newborns or babies with delicate skin. We love it!


Nobulle Jersey Ring Sling Cream


Much love and happy carrying!

Beth Beaney