Didymos Didyklick Review


My first impressions of the Didymos Didyklick are that it's lovely, it feels great quality and looks beautiful!


The Didyklick is a semi structured carrier, it has a buckle waistband, body panel and two long wrap straps. The whole carrier (body panel and straps) is made from woven wrap fabric. This gives it a lovely mouldable feel like you would get when wrapping with a woven wrap. The waistband is slightly padded but doesn't feel bulky, it closes with a nice sturdy buckle. To adjust the base, the fabric slides along the waistband and secured with velcro. This feels nice and sturdy and also feels secure under baby's bum. There is also a toggle just above on the panel to bring the fabric in more if needed. The panel height does not adjust, but this can easily be extended by wearing the waistband higher.


The straps are lovely and soft and a great width and length. You can wrap them however you like - I always prefer to spread them wide for more support. The carrier is also versatile can be used in a ;hip carry and back carry position. In a back carry you can use the straps to add more support across your chest. I like to wear it tied tibeten knotless, but you can just use a simple knot if you'd prefer.


The Didymos Didyklick is a great option if you love woven wraps but like the structure of a buckles; I love it!


Have you tried a Didyklick? (Review by Laurna who has been using the Didyklick for the past month.) LTBN


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