Caboo Lite Baby Carrier Instructions

It’s the 4th trimester, your baby is new to the world, your baby needs to be carried, and you’re considering buying a Close Caboo; or indeed you may have already bought one.


Welcoming a new baby to the world can be a joyous and challenging time. Keeping your baby close with a baby carrier facilitates deep bonding; building a strong, mutual attachment whilst being hands free (think hot cuppa, going to the loo, shopping, relaxing together).


Your baby is new to the world, and your baby needs to be carried. Here's why:


  • carrying your baby helps develop a secure mutual attachment;
  • it allows both parents, or indeed any caregiver, to develop a deep bond with baby;
  • it increases parental sensitivity to a baby's needs - you learn to interpret their noises and expressions so much quicker;
  • it simulates the sensations of pressure, motion, warmth and security of the womb;
  • carrying your baby in a sling reduces their level of stress, and
  • it can greatly reduce crying and fussiness, and also helps your tired baby fall asleep.


In this sense then, a baby carrier or sling for baby is absolutely invaluable.


Adjusting as a family and adapting to the changes, can be challenging. A baby carrier can make this transition simpler - babies are calmed when they're next to you, they hear your heartbeat, they smell you and feel you. And it's the same for you - you feel them, hear them, smell them. It all makes sense. Our bodies understand. They produce oxytocin which has positive effects on baby and mother (on all 3 aspects - your mental health, and your emotional and physical well-being). It all makes sense - it’s a wonderfully human action, and it’s for everyone. They can help you get out of the house, and we have a great range of babywearing accessories to help you get out and about in all weathers.


The Close Caboo Lite is the lightest weight version of the Close Caboo slings. It's made from soft, jersey-like fabric, with 3 panels to support baby and rings at the side for tightening.


The Close Caboo Lite is certified ‘hip healthy’ and with no tying involved, you and your little one can get some valuable bonding time with a carrier that supports you both in those early weeks and months.


There are 3 main positions available with the Close Caboo Lite. The preferred carrying position for support is chest to chest. Once your baby gets older, you can use a side hip position and there is also a seated breastfeeding position for your Caboo for discreet feeding.


Due to the way it supports your baby, the Close Caboo Lite can be used from birth day one with a healthy, small or even premature baby from 5lbs upwards (always following the T.I.C.K.S guidelines). You should consult a health professional or trained baby wearing consultant before using it with a low birth weight baby.


The Close Caboo Lite Features


  • Suitable from birth (5lbs – 32lbs/ 2.3 – 14.5kgs)
  • Soft, comfortable wide straps distribute weight evenly
  • No tying required
  • Multiple hands-free carrying options including hip position for older babies
  • Allows for discreet seated breastfeeding
  • Supports baby from their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support
  • Baby is held in the best position for developing spine and hips (frog-legged)
  • Easy to adjust - simply pull fabric through rings to tighten
  • Anchored cross reduces strain on wearer's shoulders and back
  • One size fits most
  • Soft lightweight poly cotton blend with added stretch for a comfortable carry


How to Use the Close Caboo


Each Close Caboo comes with full, easy-to-follow instructions.


Remember too that with each Close Caboo Lite purchase, you receive a free fit-check session with a trained and experienced babywearing consultant.


If you’d like a little more one-to-one time with one of our babywearing consultants, check out the options available for you.