What To Wear When Babywearing - Summer Edition

What to wear when babywearing Summer Edition


Short but sweet summertime. Long days, blue skies, green grass, and hopefully some sunshine wherever you are!

With the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies comes warmth. Warmth is good; we love warmth and it makes us feel good. Sometimes though, it’s warmer than warm - it’s hot or even super-hot. So how to carry your baby in the heat - here are some top tips from our experts!

Babywearing in the heat - how to dress, indoors and out.


Dress baby down at home, particularly if you run warm. Your little one can be dressed in only a vest or nappy (especially if using a stretchy wrap as it’s equivalent to 3 layers of clothing); light layers made from natural fibres are best. Layering allows you to strip baby down easily, and natural fibres tend to be breathable and work with the body’s temperature.

With just a few hints and tips you can stay as comfortable as possible when carrying (this list isn't exhaustive; if you have your own top tip, please do share!).


Babywearing In Summer


Outdoors on a summer's day there's a bit more to think about; both you and baby can easily become fractious and it makes sense to be prepared. Top tips include:

  • drink or feed often, both of you;
  • if you can stay out of the sun, do, especially when it's at its peak;
  • remember that a sling is like a layer of clothing, so if you're wrapping, try single-layer carries, and keep as few layers between you as possible;

  • cover extremities - a sun hat with a wide brim, or a parasol for you both;
  • pop a muslin cloth between you and baby to help absorb any excess sweat.; you can also dampen it to help keep baby cool;
  • if possible, walk on the shady side of the street;
  • babies and children can become fractious in the heat (as can we!); watch for these cues, take a break, get out of the heat, and cool down;
  • use sunblock where necessary and appropriate;
  • wear light layers, particularly natural fibres, as they are most breathable;
  • use a muslin to cover baby’s legs,
  • and lastly have fun and stay cool!

If you have any more top tips please do share. Babywearing when it's warm can sometimes be a sweaty business but is still definately worth it, particularly when you use the tips above.