Babywearing In Warm Weather



So the weather is definitely summery and it's turned hot. In this heat, it's hard not to 'glow' (my French teacher once chastised me for using the term sweat - she would always say 'pigs sweat, men perspire & woman glow'). Glowing or not, I freely admit to being a sweaty bundle in this heat!


But there are a few things you can do to stay as comfortable as possible when carrying (this list isn't exhaustive; if you have your own top tip, please do share).


• Drink or feed often, both of you.


• If you can stay out of the sun, do, especially when it's at its peak.


• Remember that the sling is like a layer of clothing, so if you're wrapping, try single-layer carries, and keep as few layers between you as possible.


• Cover extremities - a sun hat with a wide brim, or a parasol for you both.


• Pop a muslin cloth between you and baby to help absorb any excess sweat. You can also dampen it to help keep baby cool.


• If possible, walk on the shady side of the street.


• Babies and children can become fractious in the heat (as can we!). Watch for these cues, take a break, get out of the heat, and cool down.


• Use sunblock where necessary and appropriate.


• Wear light layers, particularly natural fibres, as they are most breathable.


Babywearing In Warm Weather


 This info is available as a pdf here.


Remember to stop and look up and around. There’s nothing as wonderful as a blue sky day. The sound of children laughing, buzzy bees and the smell of fresh cut grass. Too soon will it all be over!


Happy baby carrying!

Beth Beaney