7 Essential Elements of Toys for Early Childhood Development

Doctors and educators have stressed how important early childhood development is for children. For new parents, the challenge comes in the form of selecting toys that promote development while also allowing the child to have fun in the process.


If you're on the hunt for new toys or are looking for gifts for new parents, you're going to find the answers you need in this guide. Below we're going to detail the elements that the best baby toys to teach early skills to children are.


1. Problem Solving Toys


Children are curious about the things around them, especially their toys. When selecting toys for your child or purchasing a baby gift, select toys that encourage the child to develop their problem-solving skills.


Grimm's Problem Solving


For example, gifting a child with a shape-sorting toy will teach them the difference between the toys and help them begin to differentiate the shapes of each block. In the beginning, a child might try to fit a triangle into the opening meant for the circle, but as they continue to use the toy, they will begin to problem-solve and find out that there's a space for each shape to fit through.


With these toys, parents will need to guide the child to the right opening for each shape. As time goes on, the child will begin to find the openings themselves without needing additional help.


Later on, these blocks will be used as stackers to create balance compositions in increasingly complex designs, shapes and sizes.


2. Spark Their Imaginations


The world is limitless when children open their minds and put their powers of imagination to work. There are several reasons that imagination is crucial to early development for your child, including:

  • Encourages them to develop empathy for other people;
  • Improves self-confidence;
  • Teaches collaboration with others;
  • Encourages language development;


These are just a few ways that children can benefit from toys that improve their imagination skills. Toys that require imagination might be better suited for your child as they enter into their toddler years.

Some toys that might be of interest for imaginative play include things like kitchen sets, boxes, or play toolsets. For your child, a box is more than a box and could turn into a space ship to take them to outer space, or it could become a beautiful castle to host tea parties in.


Spark imaginations with Grapat Toys


3. Active Play is the Best Play


As your child grows and learns their surroundings, they will become more curious and active, moving about freely. If you're searching for toys that encourage your child to continue being active, you're going to want to use toys such as pull-toys, balls, or rolling cars.


A toy with a string attached will prompt your child to move frequently to watch it move across the floor. If they play with rolling cars, they will roll them across the floor and move to retrieve them to continue playing.


These types of toys ensure that your child remains on the move while having fun.


4. Keep Things Simple


At times new parents get caught up in wanting their child to meet each milestone. In the pursuit of this, it can cause you to purchase toys that are overly specific in the direction they give.


Keep things simple


When purchasing toys or gifting new parents with toys for their children, ensure that the toy is simple. Toys that are too specific take the fun out of playing with them - it is the toy that directs the game, it is the toy that directs how it is to be used - and it hinders the child's ability to use their imaginative and creative skills to use it.


Instead of enjoying the toy, the child will find themselves frustrated and ready to throw the toy to the side instead. For example, blocks are a simple toy that every parent should have in their child's toy box.


Your child can create any shape they want with the blocks and begin to learn the basics of building things.


5. Limit Electronic Toys


It's no secret that using technology to learn is a useful tool, but too much time spent on electronics does more harm than good. The truth is that you won't be able to stop your child from using screens to learn different things forever, but you can limit the amount of time they spend using devices like these.


As infants, toys that have flashing lights and bright colours are used to capture the attention of a baby learning to roll or crawl. As your child grows, it's much more useful to keep toys with all the bells and whistles to a minimum.


Playing with Grapat Toys


Limiting electronics will help your child to improve their focus skills as well.


6. Toys for Every Age


We understand that you don't want to spend your money purchasing new toys every time your child gets older. For this reason, we encourage parents and others looking to find gifts for a child to find toys that will age with them.


Toys for every age


Several types of toys never get old, no matter what the age of the child is.


As the child gets older, the way they use the toys will become more defined, complex and accelerated than when they are smaller. Toys that grow with children can be used when you're teaching them different things, such as to identify different animals or colours.


Toys can be used in several different ways by children depending on their age. You just have to use your imagination a bit!


7. Set Children Up to Read


Reading to children is helpful when it comes to them hearing sounds that will shape the way that they speak and read in the future. There are several toys that you can purchase to stimulate their reading in the future.


Child Reading


If you're not sure what kind of toys are useful for this, you'll want to use things like books, posters with different words, menus, alphabet letters, and more. The great part about toys that help children learn to read is that there are letters and words all around us.


As children get older, they'll begin to look at these things and point to pictures or words. When your child points these things out, take the time to tell them what the word is and what it means. Eventually, your child will begin to mimic the sounds and words that you're saying.


One of the main ways children learn to speak and read is by hearing others say things repetitively. Take the time to say a word, spell it, and repeat it no matter how many times your child points it out to you.


Toys for Early Childhood Development


Early childhood development is one of the most important times of your child's life. They are developing quickly and will be learning something new daily.


As parents, it's our job to ensure that we equip them with the things they need to continue fostering their imagination and creativity, including thinking about the types of toys bought for them. If you're looking for a toy for your child or you need to find a gift for a child, shop with Love To Be Natural.


Not only do we have toys and gifts that you can purchase for your child, but we've also got an exceptional line of carriers and slings that new parents will find helpful when keeping their little ones close. Take your time and find the one that works the best for you and your needs.