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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  1. Friday Feature With The Didymos Didytai

    Friday Feature With The Didymos Didytai


    This week for our Feature Friday we are having a last look at our sling of the month.


    The lovely Didytai is a Meh Dai style baby carrier.


    This is a great adjustable carrier with strap ties at the waist and nice wide long shoulder straps. Made with a wrap fabric it gives that woven wrap feel with the structure of a carrier.


    Have a look at our fun video showing how to front carry then other carrying options.


    Why not grab your own here with a discount? No need for a code, already reduced on the website.


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  2. Friday Feature With The Manduca Twist

    Friday Feature With The Manduca Twist


    This week we are looking at the Manduca twist, an innovative half buckle carrier.


    Product Features:

    • Suitable from newborn to toddler (3.5 - 15 kg).
    • 100% certified organic cotton.
    • Ergonomically correct M position.
    • Integrated neck support also works as a hinged headrest.
    • Innovative drawstring, facilitates binding and twisting.
    • Can be used on your front or back


    Have a look at our video to see the features in action!


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  3. How To Use A Ring Sling - Video

    How To Use A Ring Sling - Video


    Woven Wednesday's aren't always just about wraps -we're also big fans of ring slings too!


    We have been asked for a tutorial for them so here we go! Ring slings are great for newborns and toddlers alike, so we're showing the same technique for an older baby and a smaller baby too.


    An older baby will sit more on your hip for a full hip carry, whereas a smaller baby will sit more 'off centre' on your front.

    The key is to take your time - the more time you take to prepare the sling first, means the less to do once baby is in.


    Hope this helps!


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