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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. How To Front & Hip Carry With An Integra Baby Carrier

    How To Front & Hip Carry With An Integra Baby Carrier


    This Friday we're looking at the Integra Baby Carrier. It's a lovely, simple, compact buckle carrier available in three sizes - size 1 for babies, size 2 for toddlers, and size 3 for prechoolers.


    Here, we are showing a baby size Integra Carrier in Harris Tweed. We show you how to front carry and then transition into a hip carry. This is a great option for babies who are becoming more aware of the world and want to look around more.


    We also show you how to adjust straps that creep up to your neck too.


    Hope this video helps!


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  2. Babywearing With A Toddler

    Babywearing With A Toddler

    Isara Toddler Carrier


    Toddler carrying is very much the same as carrying a younger baby (size aside).

    You carry your toddler every day in arms. It’s where your toddler is often most comfortable. It’s where you love to hold them, where you know they are happiest and safest.

    Using a sling to carry your toddler is an extension of carrying your toddler in arms.

    A sling allows you to carry your toddler, to continue the loving touch they need, whilst having your hands free.

    Toddler-wearing has such meaning, it’s deep bonding that lasts. Carrying a bigger baby or older child can have a profound and lasting impact on you both. It's never too late to start carry

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  3. What To Wear When Babywearing - Spring Edition

    What To Wear When Babywearing - Spring Edition

    What to wear when babywearing Spring Edition


    Spring is a wonderful, beautiful time of year. The days feel longer, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener; there’s a sense of renewal and hope for the days ahead.

    Then there’s the rain and wind and sometimes hailstones. Spring is the time of the four-seasons-in-one-day-thing, also known as the four-seasons-in-one-hour thing. That’s why we’ve included the Warm Weather & Cold Weather Carrying Infographics - both can apply at this time of year!

    How to cope with this when babywearing - how to dress, indoors and out.


    Dress baby down at home, particularly if you have heating

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  4. Woven Wrap Wednesday - How To Wrap A Sleepy Baby

    Woven Wrap Wednesday - How To Wrap A Sleepy Baby


    On Wednesday's we like to talk all about woven wraps - we share our favourites, share tips and we look at tutorials.


    Many people at the moment will be trapped under a sleeping baby wishing they put their wrap on first. But.... what if you could wrap with baby asleep in your arms?


    It takes some practice, yes, but it's a great technique to learn if you find yourself 'nap trapped'.


    This is a normal Fwcc just done with baby in arms.


    Let us know if this helped you!


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  5. Top Tip Tuesday Video - TICKS

    Top Tip Tuesday Video - TICKS


    Let's look at how TICKS apply to carrying.


    T - TIGHT, a loose carrier or sling can cause baby to slump. Always ensure everything is adjusted tight and secure.


    I - IN VIEW, ensure that no fabric or clothing covers babies face. If using a hood, only cover one side.


    C - CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS, try to get baby as a comfortable height above breast tissue.


    K - KEEP CHIN OFF CHEST, Older babies and children are able to do this, but newborns and small babies need help. You can lift babies chin with two fingers and position higher to open airways.


    S - SUPPORTED BACK, A sling or carrier must always support babies natural position, either a nice C curve or a J position for older babies depending on age and development.


    If you have any questions about safe babywearing feel free to get in touch. We have trained consultants available to discuss any
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  6. Woven Wrap Wednesday With Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

    Woven Wrap Wednesday With Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)


    This week we are looking at the front wrap cross carry. This is the carry most people learn first, a nice simple carry and great to practice tightening.

    In the video we show two ways to tighten so you can see what works best for you. We have also added shoulder flips. This helps keep the fabric away from babies face and allowed them a better view if they are getting to that 'nosey' stage.


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  7. Friday Feature With The Girasol Mysol

    Friday Feature With The Girasol Mysol

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