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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. Everyday Babywearing

    Everyday babywearing


    We love this photo. It’s beautifully honest.


    You know those gorgeous babywearing photos, where the light is perfect, and baby is carried all snug and peaceful by a wearer who has a serene, peaceful countenance. You'll have days like this too, where everything is perfect, baby is in a great mood, and you wrap them or put them in the sling without any fuss. But your every day babywearing experience won't be like that. The photo above is the reality of a baby in a sling.


    There will be times when you're flustered, and baby will be uncooperative, but don't let that put you off! It is these moments that make babywearing wonderful - you are in the moment, living and breathing it, and doing the best for your little one. Y

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  2. The Importance of Babywearing

    The importance of babywearing


    You carry your baby every day - in arms, on your chest, on your shoulder. It’s where your baby is most comfortable. It’s where you love to hold them, where you know they are happiest and safest. Using a sling to carry your baby is an extension of carrying your baby in arms.


    A sling allows you to carry your baby, to continue the loving touch your infant needs, whilst having your hands free. Babies are meant to be carried. They need to be close to you, to be held. Babies feel more content, calmer next to you - you make them feel secure and safe. You are their world.


    Even on the hardest days, when the parenting journey seems to have taken a a wrong turn, carrying is love. You’re picking up your baby, respo

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