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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Newborn Buckle Carriers

    Newborn Buckle Carriers


    Often marketed as the 'easy-to-use' sling option, buckle carriers come in lots of different styles and designs. Are buckle carriers easy to use? That depends - for some people they work a treat, and they are exactly what they'e looking for. For others, they turn out to be the 'not-so-easy' option; they find the buckles are too hard to reach for example, or that's there's just too much carrier to get along with (in terms of padding and buckles etc.).


    When I purchased my first buckle carrier over 10 years ago, I couldn't figure what went where - clips in here, reach round to there, arm over shoulder to do up the strap, an so on.


    So to help, let's start with a

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  2. Ring Sling Shoulder Styles

    Ring sling shoulder styles


    Woven wrap ring slings (which most are) come in a variety of colours, designs, lengths, weaves and blends. One of the biggest differences between them though, is the shoulder style. There are 2 main styles - gathered and pleated.


    Gathered Shoulder

    With gathered ring slings, the rings are sewn in, with stitching running in a straight line from one side of the width, to the other. This can be spread over your shoulder or sandwiched up onto your shoulder.


    Ring sling shoulder styles - gathered
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  3. Neobulle Jersey Ring Slings Review

    Nobulle Jersey Ring Sling


    There have been a few changes recently on the website - lots of new additions. It always keeps me on my toes - choosing what to bring in, what to not. It means a lot of trying on, using, testing, humming and hawing. You know, as you do.


    So when Neobulle sent their new Jersey Ring Sling, I was straight on it. Having tried it with our 3 year old (who turned out to be just a bit too heavy), we then sent a few to be tried by friends and fellow consultants (who are usually both!). It’s being tried out right now, and I’ll be back with their thoughts and photos very soon.


    It's so soft and lovely to use - here's why:

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  4. Slings and Siblings

    Babywearing Carrying Your Baby


    Try and imagine that you’re a toddler / young child. You’ve had your parent(s) / caregivers all to yourself for your whole life. You’ve watched your mother’s body change, only really noticing it near the end of her pregnancy, and not really getting the whole ‘new-baby-that’s-here-forever’ thing.


    Switch back to you, the mother / parent / caregiver. You and your little one have gone through so much together. You’ve grown together, loved together and cried together. You’ve cared for them, loved them, been their entire world. Now, you are all those things times two. Adjusting as a family and adapting to the changes can be challenging and exhilarating.


    Then the new baby arri

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  5. Stretchy Wraps Review

    Babywearing Carrying Your Baby


    Stretchy wraps can be very useful in those first days, weeks and months of life with a newborn, the main reason being you can tie it on, and leave it on, for as long as you want or need.

    Wrap it, tie it, and you can pop baby in and take baby out, without retying or readjusting. In that initial period after your baby is born (known as the 4th trimester), this can be wonderful - you know where the sling is, you know it's on and you know that baby is close, secure and connected whilst snuggled in there.

    Adjusting as a family and adapting to the changes that a newborn baby presents can be challenging. A stretchy wrap (or indeed any sling really) can make this transition simpler - babies are calmed when they're next

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