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Babywearing Coats, Jackets & Covers

Chilly? Drizzly? Fantastic! Every day is a day to get outside babywearing, whatever the weather. With the right babywearing coat or cover, of course.

Babywearing coats, jackets, hoodies and covers from amazing brands such as Mamalila, Wombat, Ergobaby, Love & Carry and Little Frog. Only the best make it into our store. Read the latest babywearing coat reviews in our blog.

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Babywearing Coat


What Is A Babywearing Coat or Jacket?


If you use a baby carrier or sling then a babywearing coat is a fantastic investment, allowing you to get out and about with your baby whatever the weather.


A babywearing coat or babywearing jacket can be used at any time as a regular jacket or coat, as a maternity coat during pregnancy, and then when carrying your little one in a baby carrier - either on your front with a front carry or on your back with a back carry, and with both newborns and toddlers.


Our award-winning range of coats, jackets and covers offer you the perfect way to get out and about with your baby, whilst staying snug and dry, close and secure, and protected from the rain.


The Mamalila Babywearing Softshell Jacket Allrounder is an absolute favourite and has been for many years (read the reviews!).


The light flexible fabric with its soft fleece inner membrane moves with mum and baby, keeping wind and rain out, while regulating temperatures inside and preventing overheating. The jacket includes a babywearing insert (also known as a babywearing panel) and a pregnancy insert which can be quickly zipped into the jacket allowing it to be easily adapted from a classic form-fitting woman’s jacket into a maternity or babywearing jacket.


The jackets have a waterproof coating that makes raindrops form into pearls which in turn roll off the jacket like water off a duck’s back! Mamalila for example only uses environmentally friendly FC-free coatings which can be biologically broken down so that no pollutants accumulate in the body or in nature.


What Are The Different Types of Babywearing Coat?


All babywearing coats essentially do the same thing - they have zip in maternity and babywearing panels that either accommodate your growing bump, or that allow you to use the jacket whilst carrying your baby in a baby carrier.


The leading brand is Mamalila who not only produce amazing, high quality maternity and babywearing coats in different ranges, their jackets have a big focus on eco credentials. All their jackets use FC-Free coatings, and coats such as the Dublin Jacket are made from recycled nylon and recycled cotton.


We also have ultralight 4 in 1 babywearing coat such as the Wombat Numbat Go and the amazing babywearing hoodie from Love & Carry.


If you already have a great outdoor coat and don't want to spend on purchasing another, then check out our range of carrying covers - they're great for quickly covering baby if you get caught in a shower, and they can be used by both parents too.


Are They Any Good?


When you consider that babywearing coats allow you to get out in all weathers, then it's obvious that they are great choice.


Coupled with the fact that they can be used on their own without any of the inserts, then they are high quality coats that will last you for many years, wether you're using it as a maternity coat, as a babywearing coat or just on its own as an outdoor jacket. It's this multifunctional approach to the design of the product that makes them so amazing.


What Is The Best Babywearing Coat?


The coats, jackets and hoodies we stock are all amazing. If you're looking for quality and longevity along with superb eco credentials, then the range from Mamalila is the obvious winner.


How Long Do Babywearing Coats Last?


The real trick with these coats is that you don't just need to use them whilst pregnant or when babywearing! They can be used just as regular coats without using the maternity or pregnancy inserts.


The advantage is that these jackets are high quality, well made, and made from premium materials, so they will last and last, and will be your go-to outdoor jacket for many years.


Why Buy a Babywearing Coat from Love To Be Natural?


We've been using and retailing babywearing coats for over a decade. Some brands come and some brands go, but only the best stay.


So you can be confident that if we stock it, then it's one of the best brands on the market.


The Best Babywearing Coats Online


We stock only the best babywearing coat, babywearing jacket and babywearing hoodie brands that have been tried and tested by us and by parents worldwide. When you just want to go out for a walk with your baby you need a coat that just works and that you will know will keep you warm and dry when you're out and about in all weathers.


A Few Things To Consider Beforehand


If you have any questions or are unsure about which coat to choose or what size to select just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help you. We've been selling babywearing coats to parents worldwide for the last 10 years; we know them inside out and have more than enough experience to help you choose the best style for you and the best size.


Is a Babywearing Coat Worth the Investment?


The babywearing coats we sell may seem expensive at first. But when you consider how high quality they are, and that you can use them for years after you've stopped babywearing, then they are definitely worth the investment. Cheaper babywearing coats have come and go in our store, but they were often of poor quality, poor cut and fit, and just didn't perform as well as the top brands.