Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps are the perfect baby sling for your newborn and offers a gentle transition from womb to world. Supportive and lightweight, a stretchy wrap allows you to carry your baby safely and comfortably. Find out more about stretchy wraps in our babywearing blog.

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Stretchy Wraps


Beautiful, High Quality Stretchy Wraps For You and Your Baby

What Is A Stretchy Wrap?


Stretchy wraps comprise one long piece of jersey fabric (akin to t-shirt fabric) which is wrapped around your body and keep your newborn supported, snug and close - the best place to be after nine months in utero! They are excellent for newborn babywearing and are usually used until babies are around 3 - 6 months old.

Is A Stretchy Wrap Best For Newborns?


Stretchy wraps are excellent for newborns as they are usually pre-tied and can be left on all day. In other words, you tie it around you before popping baby in. The main advantage to this is that you can tie it on in the morning, and if you want to, keep it on all day - you can also have it tied before you go out. In this way, stretchy wraps can be a real sanity-saver in those first challenging and precious few weeks.


No buckles, rings or fasteners, just soft jersey fabric. Stretchy wraps allow baby to be welcomed in and out as desired, in different positions. In general, most stretchy wraps are used for front carrying only, with baby being placed in an upright, tummy-to-tummy position. The JPMBB stretchy wraps can also be used to hip carry and back carry. One size fits most wearers and stretchy wraps can be very comfortable, particularly post-natally. They're a great carrying option for newborns up to around 1 year and beyond if you wish.

Best Stretchy Wrap Brands

Welcoming a new baby to the world can be a joyous and complicated time. Keeping your baby close facilitates deep bonding; building a strong, mutual attachment; hands free (hot cuppa, slow dander through the leaves). Stretchy wraps are respectful of newborn physiology. We offer a fantastic range from Minu, Coracor, JPMBB , Hana, Didymos and Ergobaby. Most good stretchy wraps are made with a cotton blend, knitted (as opposed to woven) fabric. This lends a breathability and super-softness that’s just right for newborn physiology.


Are Stretchy Wraps Safe To Use?


Stretchy baby wraps are perfectly safe to use when done so with common sense and understanding. As with all things in life a cupful of knowledge and a sprinkling of common sense is the best recipe to ensure happy, safe carrying for you and your little one. Always use a quality stretchy baby wrap and ensure you read the instructions on its use. Stretchy wraps should always be used according to the instructions, and the ABC and TICKS safety guides.

Always make sure your stretchy wrap is tied nice and snug to you; this should ensure baby is seated high (close enough to kiss) with their back soft, but very much supported. Once baby is in the wrap, look at their profile - it should be capital ‘J’ shaped, and NOT ‘C’ shaped. Baby’s face and airway should be visible and clear of the wrap.


Are Stretchy Wraps Easy To Use?


There is a slight learning curve to using a stretchy wrap - but it’s quite a short curve, as most parents and caregivers use the same carrying position all the time with a stretchy wrap. The main advantage to using a stretchy wrap is that you can tie it on in the morning, and if you want to, keep it on all day, popping baby in and out as needed. You can also have it tied before you go out, such as to the shops, the park, or in the car. In this way, stretchy wraps can be an amazingly helpful tool in those first challenging and precious few weeks.

The Benefits of Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps can be very useful in those first days, weeks and months, as you can wrap it on you, and leave it on, for as long as you you want, or need. Wrap it, tie it, and pop baby in and take baby out, without the need to remove, re-tie or readjust the wrap. In that initial period after your baby is born (known as the 4th trimester), this can be wonderful - you know where the sling is, you know it's on and you know that baby is close, secure and connected all snuggled up in there.