Ring Slings

A ring sling is the ideal baby sling for your newborn, baby and toddler too. A ring sling is one long piece of fabric with two rings sewn into one end worn over one shoulder, with baby seated on your front, off centre, or on your hip. Read our blog post on why we love ring slings.

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Ring Slings


What Is A Ring Sling?


Ring slings are great for your newborn - the single-layer carry is light with little fuss, supporting them tucked up high and close. For older babies and toddlers at the 'up and down' stage, ring slings are a quick and simple option, allowing you to meet your baby’s needs, then folding the sling up small and neat in your bag.


Why Is A Ring Sling A Great Baby Sling?


A ring sling comprises a long piece of woven wrap fabric with 2 aluminium rings sewn into one end. The length usually ranges from 1.7m to 2m. The tail (end) is usually asymmetric.

Really good ring slings are usually made from woven wrap fabric, sewn through two aluminium rings. As such they have slight diagonal stretch, making the fabric firm to use; are supportive enough to hold even a heavy toddler; are most often found in 100% cotton options (cotton is easy to care for, easy to wash and dry and suits babies of all ages), and can be found in a variety of colours, designs, lengths, and weaves.