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Ring Slings

Ring slings are the ideal baby sling for your newborn, baby and toddler too. A ring sling is one long piece of fabric with two rings sewn into one end worn over one shoulder, with baby seated on your front, off centre, or on your hip. Read our blog post on why we love ring slings.

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Ring Slings


What Is A Ring Sling?


Ring slings comprise a long piece of woven wrap fabric with 2 aluminium rings sewn into one end. The length usually ranges from 1.7m to 2m. The tail (end) is usually asymmetric. They fit over one shoulder with baby supported on your opposite hip.


Why is a Ring Sling a Great Baby Sling?

Ring slings are great for your newborn - the single-layer carry is light and easy to wear, supporting them high and close, allowing you to be hands free. For older babies and toddlers at the 'up and down' stage, these types of baby carrier are a quick and simple option (usually quicker than a baby wrap), allowing you to meet your baby’s needs. We absolutely love ring slings, they are one of our favourite types of baby carrier and have been for many years.

What are Ring Slings Made From?

Ring slings are usually made from woven wrap fabric, sewn through two aluminium rings. As such they have slight diagonal stretch, making the fabric firm to use; are supportive enough to hold even a heavy toddler; are most often found in 100% cotton options (cotton is easy to care for, easy to wash and dry and suits babies of all ages), and can be found in a variety of colours, designs, lengths, and weaves. Woven wrap slings (which most are) come in a variety of colours, designs, lengths, weaves and blends.

Are They Good For Newborns?

A ring sling is a wonderful option for the fourth trimester, newborn days and beyond. A single layer carry, without fuss, ring slings are light, easy to care for and can be used way beyond the fourth trimester. Carrying in arms and in a sling is essential to the normal physical, psychological and neurological development of your baby. It’s the foundation on which their whole lives are built.

Are Ring Slings Good For Toddlers?

Whilst ring slings are great for newborns and babies just a few months old, they are especially useful with older babies / toddlers who are at the 'up and down' stage, as it is very quick and easy to pop baby in and out of the ring sling. Imagine that your little one is fairly steady on their feet, but with such bold steps comes tiredness. Ring slings can be carried neatly in a bag and taken out and used when needed.

Is a Ring Sling Good for Warm Weather?

They are a wonderful option in warmer weather. A single layer carry, there's less fuss, less fabric, less effort to get baby in the sling and secure. It's a lighter sling for you and for baby, and from a sensory perspective, it makes coping with the heat a little easier. As they are lighter, they tend to dry very quickly, so are ideal for washing and drying quickly.

Are They Quick and Easy to Use?

The main advantage of ring slings is that they are lightweight and fuss-free with less fabric than other types of baby carriers and slings. They can be adjusted before popping baby in, as needed. You can also have it adjusted before you go out, such as to the shops, the park, or in the car. In this way, ring slings can be an amazingly helpful tool in those first challenging and precious few weeks of parenthood, and indeed when out and about with a toddler - you know, who wants to walk for a bit, and then be carried for a while, but then wants back down to walk again! Ring slings can be really helpful in such situations with a toddler as it not only provides them somewhere to rest their legs, but also to snuggle into you and feel safe - particularly helpful in new or overwhelming places, such as airports or other noisy, busy places.

How Long Does a Ring Sling Last?

These slings are one of the most versatile types of baby carrier and will last right from when your baby is a newborn well into toddlerhood. They are great for newborn snuggles, but they are equally great for using with a toddler, when they are at the 'up and down' stage. Sometimes they want to walk, or sometimes they want to be carried - ring slings are great for this as they can fold up nice and small and be put into your bag when you're not using it.

What Is The Best Ring Sling?

The best ring slings are the ones we stock - they're all amazing. If you're looking for quality and longevity and a ring sling that is a great price, shop the range of Little Frog Ring Slings. These are some of the most popular in the UK currently as they combine high quality with a fantastic price point. They come in a great range of colours and designs, and nearly all have 5 star reviews.

If eco credentials are important to you, look at Didymos Didyslings - they're made from 100% organic cotton. You can be assured of quality with Didymos - they've been weaving wraps and ring slings for nearly 50 years. We always have over 60 designs in stock and there's a colour, design and material for everyone.


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