Didymos Meh Dai

The Didymos Meh Dai is a meh dai-style carrier - a halfway point between a structured carrier and a woven wrap....
The Didy Meh Dai is made from Didymos woven wrap fabrics. The quality is outstanding and they are ethically woven in Germany, always using organic cotton.
As there is no padding it is perfectly suited for carrying newborns as it softly supports their shape, adjusting across the width to narrow the panel size for smaller babies. It works equally well for older babies and toddlers, carrying them on the front or back.
The Didymos Meh Dai is a lovely, less structured style; a super option for newborns and bigger babies too. They have all the softness and mouldability of a wrap, but with some structure - a main panel with two pairs of straps. One pair ties around the waist, securing with a knot, and the other pair sits on the shoulders and crosses on the wearers back, tying either at the front, side or back. Super-adjustable for the wearer too, it offers a custom fit to every body.
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